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About Us

“I will not go where the path may lead. I will go where there is no path, and I will leave a trail.”-Strode


Wawyisland is apparel and lifestyle brand who wanted to fill a void in the women’s market. Sure, You could go to the mall and see stores that carried merchandise you either could not afford or that would increase your chances of having at least 5 other people wearing the same outfit you were. So we also wanted to create this place that would bring color and confidence and happiness to a woman’s day. Sometimes just having that one fantastic new outfit is all a woman needs to turn a bad day into a good one, to give a woman the confidence she needs going into an interview or to give that stay at home mom a reason to smile after that rare moment she treats herself. Every item we are sending it off in hopes that it brought a smile to the woman it went to. We wanted to give women like us a bit of “happiness” in a world that could all too often make her feel like she just wasn’t “this” or “that.” And also, we began asking our customers what they wanted to see in our stores and on the website. It had never been done before. And we went on a hunt for their wishes and wants. To make it feel like it was just as much their store as it was ours.  

WAWY stands for "We  Are With You" and we truly mean that


Our team works around-the-clock to bring you the world’s hottest styles.It’s our top priority to ensure that our WAWY community always feels confident and included. We cater to all women who has an affinity for fashion. Regardless of shape, personal style.